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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  March 3, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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unveiled a compromise proposal that includes several key republican demands. the president said the measure would end the worst practices of insurance companies, lower costs and give uninsured workers and small business owners what congress has. >> my proposal would give uninsured owners and small business owners the same kind of show is of private health insurance members of congress get for themselves. because if it's good enough for members of congress, it's good enough for people who pay their salaries. >> joining us live from the white house, lynd ark, thanks for being with us of we've already seen reaction in the last hour. republicans almost uniformly opposed to this. here is what senator mitch mcconnell said on the senate floor. watch. >> i notice he didn't mention the half a trillion dollars in medicare cost. he didn't mention $500 billion, half a trillion dollars in new
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taxes. and he didn't mention that the size of this measure, when fully implementation mentioned over a ten-year period, is $2.5 trillion in new spending. >> linda, what's the reaction and what now? >> well, you know, first of all, senator mcconnell would characterize this in a very different way certainly than is actually the fact with what the president is talking about. this the largest middle class tax cut for health care in history. this takes money in the health care system, uses it to make sure consumers have the power, not the insurance company. make sure that insurance is affordable, everybody can have the same kinds of rights and choices as you heard the president say members of congress has. this would reduce the deficit by $100 billion, around a trillion in the next decade. this is a deficit reducer, which seems to be of concern to what senator mcconnell is saying. show those numbers aren't right.
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what we're talking about, making insurance affordable, empowering consumers, reducing the deficit. >> the president underscored there's a fundamental difference in terms of how democrats and republicans see regulation and what regulation can do in terms of the health care marketplace. here is the president inviting republicans to oppose this if that's their belief. >> despite all we agree on and all the republican ideas we've incorporated, many, probably most republicans in congress, just have a fundamental disagreement over whether we should have more or less oversight of insurance companies. and if they truly believe less regulation would lead to higher quality, more affordable health insurance, then they should vote against the proposal i've put forth. >> lyinda, is that the basic divide, whether you improve regulation would improve the health care system or make it more expensive as republicans insist. >> there is a fundamental
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disagreement on that point. first of all, let's remember there are many, many areas of common ground between the democrats and the republicans. the president, as you mentioned, at the beginning is incorporating even more republican ideas into his proposal. but yes, there is a fundamental difference about whether consumers have basic rights, holding the insurance companies accountable, basic choices of empowerment in the face of insurance companies. the president believes consumers should be able to know what's in their plan, should have a basic level of benefits so you know if you're covered and don't find out after you go to the hospital that you're really not, that it should be between the patient and the patient's doctor, if she needs to stay in the hospital a little bit longer after she's had a c-section. it's all about, in our view, making sure that the consumer has the power, not the insurance companies. the republicans' approach doesn't really address that question. so yes it's a fundamental disagreement. >> as far as the politics, would
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you acknowledge or the white house acknowledge the president is essentially now staking his presidency on this? >> well, david, that's a fairly dramatic characterization. it is very important to the country that we give them these consumer protections, begin to lower their costs, protect them for ballooning out of pocket costs causing medical bankruptcies, make sure you can get insurance if you change jobs or move to another state. it's as simple as that that's what the president is trying to accomplish for the american people. >> linda douglass in the white house office health care reform. good to have you on. thanks for joining us today. >> thanks, david. federal highway workers are back on the job today. unemployment benefits are flowing again after republican senator jim bunning ended his one-man blockade last night. bunning objected to the highway funding and unemployment benefits because he said the $10 billion spending bill is not paid for. bunning was allowed to introduce an amendment to change that and the measure failed. the bill itself he opposed was
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approved with the help of republican senators. expressing thanks to republican and democratic senators who helped end the roadblock. now to iran and the deepening mystery over that country's nuclear plans. they have moved underground nuclear facilities into the open. is iran inviting or daring the united states to attack its nuclear program? either way iran has refused to stop its enrichment program. right now secretary of state hillary clinton is trying to ensure sanctions against iran. today president clinton was working in brazil. mr. secretary, what do you make of what iran is doing by moving their nuclear enrichment facilities out into the open? >> it's tough to make any real predictions here. but i think it's probably what they are doing is moving out make of what they have got down
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there underground and there are still some pieces of it underground. what they have moved out is probably not critical to their program. and i suspect they also think with this outrage in the public now, they can make a big thing of how important it is, everybody understand they are not doing anything illegal or wrong. see, we're moving everything out in public. i do not think, however, i'll make you a bet, once there's more analysis of this, there's still big pieces of it that are underground and are going to stay underground. >> clearly they are trying to taunt the united states and israel, though. how should the united states and israel respond? >> well, with regard to putting it out in public, i think we ought to say, that's very good of you. you should really do that. i hope you're going to do it for all the rest of your things, all the rest of your program. if you really want to show us you're cooperating, why don't you let us come and take a look
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at it and make sure we believe, as you say, this is all for peaceful purposes and you're not doing anything wrong. >> the iranians seem -- at least some analysis that we want an attack because that would benefit more than anything would. would you buy that? >> it may be with some of the real crazies there. fundamentally if we attack and wreck their nuclear efforts, seems to me we're doing nothing but serious damage to their own programs. i doubt they are willing to pay that price in order to embarrass us or make us look like we're war mongers or something of the sort. no, i don't think that's what they are doing. >> former u.s. secretary of state lawrence eagleburger. thanks so much for joining us today. an intriguing development in iran. we appreciate you joining us today to talk about it. >> my pleasure. thank you. the powerful house ways and
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means chairman charlie rangel made a big announcement today about his future on the heels of questions about his ethics, questions that let to this on the daley show -- >> i wonder -- yeah. that's a real picture of him at his dominican villa. >> bringing kids to work is usually harmless unless you work inside air traffic control at one of the busiest airports in the country. contact departure, adios. >> contact departure. adios. >> adios amigos. >> that is the voice of a child. hear what happened to the dad next.
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there was a major announcement from the powerful democratic chairman of the house ways and means charlie rangel of new york. >> i have this morning sent a letter to speaker pelosi asking her to grant me a leave of absence until such time as the ethics committee completes its work. >> rangel faces an investigation for trips to the caribbean allegedly paid for by corporate interests. the details eroded support for rangel within his own party and republicans have been piling on demanding rangel not only resign his committee chairmanmanship but resign his office. rangel will not and says he looks forward to the congressional work ahead. air traffic controllers at jfk airport in new york are
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under investigation after they allowed a young boy to deliver radio transmissions to aircraft preparing for takeoff. here is what the pilots heard. >> jetblue 171, clear for takeoff. >> clear for takeoff, jetblue 171. >> this is what you get, guys, when the kids are out of school. >> wish i could bring my kid to work. >> jetblue 171, contact departure. >> departure, jetblue 171. awesome job. >> 0-3 clear for takeoff. >> yes. that was a child's voice. apparently he's the son of one of the controllers. but the effort to show the child what his dad does for a living isn't sitting well with the federal aviation administration. rehema ellis has more from our studios in new york. >> david, the child's voice is darling, cute, but a lot of people didn't think this was a cute act. the result of it, the faa is taking action and launching an investigation. in fact we want to put up on the
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screen and you can see graphics, what the faa is saying pending outcough our investigation. the employees in this incident are not controlling traffic. this happened about wo weeks ago at jfk, which is one of the busiest airports in the country and in the world. they handle more than 1,000 flights a day. some are concerned that a child, no matter what the parents intent may have been never should have been at the helm instructing a pilot about which direction to be taking off from jfk in terms of a commercial flight that had passengers on board that jetblue 171 that was departing from jfk airport. so again, it was an opportunity, it seems, for an air traffic controller to bring his child in to work that day and to show him the inner workings of what happened where daddy works. but it does not go over well with the federal aviation administration that says this is a place where there are very
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strict rules and there are passengers lives which are at stake. so they have protocol that must be followed at all times. as we pointed out, they have launched an investigation into this. in the interim, air traffic controller on duty is not working. >> rehema, thank you for the update. now to the story of a pilot who became a national hero. today he is hanging up his wings. captain chesley sull sullenberger plans to retire. he was at the miracle on the hudson. a bird strike knocked out both engines on the aircraft but sullenberger calmly landed the plane on the river and guided 150 passengers out, many of them onto the wings until they could all be rescued. coming up, it is one of this year's oscar favorites for best film, but "the hurt locker" isn't feeling the love from everyone. some veterans are outraged over
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this movie. i'll talk to one of the veterans. first actors who famously played presidents got together for a video about financial regulatory reform. >> we heard you were tossing and turning over whether to public for federal regulation, so we're here to give you some advice. >> you know we should. >> you two are the ones that stripped out all the regulations. why would i wanted a advice from you. >> it was the '90s, people did all kinds of crazy things. >> i'm still waiting for a bunch of e-toys that never showed up. >> more of this video coming up. wait until you see who plays ronald reagan. fiber one -- i'm looking for some fiber.
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that was the dramatic ending to the first scene of the movie "the hurt locker" which has been nominated for nine academy awards. the oscar ceremony sunday and now a deepening controversy over the film. while "time" magazine calls it the perfect war film, many veterans say the movie is loaded with unforgivable accuracies. joining us, a former sergeant who served in iraq in 2003-2004. ryan, what are some of the inaccuracies that jumped out at you. >> first, thanks for having me. from the get go, the movie started off well enough. the scene you just showed, the opening scene, was actually quite compelling, captured what it felt like to be on the ground when an i.e.d. is going off and the drama surrounding that by the time they introduce the main character, sergeant first class james, it all went downhill. we're talking about anything right down to the smallest details about uniforms, military
3:21 pm
protocol and things like that it just -- it turns into a film that really had everything wrong about the u.s. miller and operations in iraq. >> i want to play, in fact we're looking at it right now, the video where sergeant first class james takes off his protective armor while disarming a bomb found in a trunk. has that ever happened to your knowledge? >> well, as a matter of fact, i have heard of similar instances of things like that. however, some of the more inexcusable tactical errors would be when sergeant james brings his three-man eod team through the streets of baghdad hunting down the bad guys. one of the things i took away that was particularly insulting was the portrayal of the soldier on the ground in iraq. the infantry that surrounded sergeant james and his teammates were inept at any type of military operation. i've heard over the last couple of days, this is just a movie, you really shouldn't read too much into it. however, when you look at it,
3:22 pm
this is what a lot of americans are taking away as reality for what's happening on the ground in iraq. we saw "time" magazine label it as a near perfect war film and numerous other media outlets have sung its praises for the realistic depiction of iraq. veterans, once they heard of the oscar nomination said, whoa, let's pump the brakes a little. i think they missed a few things on this film. >> is it enough to point out to viewers there are things inaccurate, is that enough? is there some redeeming quality for people experiencing through this film the horrors of war? >> i have to tell you one thing, what i took away from the movie is the direction of kathryn bigelow, i took away a lot of that portraying a mood of what it was like on the ground in iraq. but i think the script she was working with wasn't exactly the best. i thought many times the story was disjointed and hackneyed it
3:23 pm
seems a lot of military cliches about what you would expect from a soldier in iraq. one of the things that disturbed me about it was discussing the addiction to war sarnent james experienced. this is a real phenomenon and i've seen it among a number of soldiers i've had the opportunity to serve this. once they leave the combat zone, they are eager to go back. this can be indicative of a much larger transitional issue for today's veterans. today i have the honor of working for a veterans service organization, am vets. this is a top concern how veterans reintegrate into society, how they interact with families and soldiers. what i saw in "the hurt locker" sergeant james, something happened in his military career that made him the way he was. it was not only endangering his family relationships but endangering the soldiers.
3:24 pm
fascinating perspective. we appreciate you coming on. it goes without saying but we all appreciate your service. >> thank you. >> naomi model may be a gorgeous supermodel but her reputation is down right ugly. yesterday there was another incident involving a chauffeur. she claims campbell hit him with her cell phone. she became irate when she asked if her boyfriend was cheating on her and the driver is refusing to say. the driver is not pressing charges but there's a harassment report. campbell said there's more to the story than what's in the headlines but did not elaborate. campbell has been arrested for a string of incidents, allegedly slapping and beating her assistant with a blackberry, beating a housekeeper, allegedly atta ing a maid over a pair of jeans, arrested in london for scratching a therapist's face,
3:25 pm
arrested at an airport for assaulting a cop over a lost bag. she's been in anger management classes but apparently she has more work to do. we have breaking news in monster waves off the mediterranean port of marseilles have killed two cruise ship passengers. two 26 foot waves crashed into a cruise ship with 2,000 people on board of the wall of matter smashed through windows, flooded out rooms. greek coast guard officials say in addition to two people killed, six others were hurt. it happened on lewis majesty, selling from barcelona to genoa italy. a pair of aftershocks shook italy. a live report from the disaster zone next. how a facebook post led to a major change of plans for israeli military. two republican stars got lots of laughs on late night tv. who is better for the republican party?
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the shuster showdown is next. ♪
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new zyrtec® liquid gels work fast, so i can love the air.™ i'll julia boorstin with cnbc market wrap. due to economic reports, things have turned, dow is down and nasdaq down, s&p 500 up just a hair. stocks did move higher earlier in the day due to economic reports on jobs in the service sector that came in better than expected, even though harsh snowstorms crippled parts of the country, economic conditions continue to expand. the fed also says as the recovery continues companies are still slow to ramp up hiring new employees. java giant startup sticking with the policy of letting customers carry guns in coffee shops where it's legal. it requires all stores to follow local laws in the areas where they are located including gun
3:30 pm
laws. starbucks statement came as the brady campaign circulated a petition protesting starbucks policies. that's first in business worldwide. david, over to you. >> julia, thank you very much. time for the fastest three minutes of news. down to the wire. ready? hit the clock. we begin with a military leak found on facebook, an israeli soldier posted details including times and dates of a raid of the military saw it and called off the operation. maybe we need a facebook or digital version of "loose lips saves ships." oakland, california, not much left of a city bus after amtrak barreled into i. the bus had stalled on the tracks. the good news, no one was on the bus at the time and no one on the train was hurt. topeka, kansas, hoping for a marriage with google. the city taking a new name for the month of march it will be
3:31 pm
called google, kansas. they are trying to convince them to test their fiber optics system there. that is supposed to be seven times faster than dsl. a major move in the countdown for one of the final launches of the space schultz. this morning the shuttle "discovery" was rolled out on the launch pad, liftoff planned for april 5th. a peek at what the crew will see in hd. nasa released the most vibrant pictures ever taken of the planet earth. part of the project, blue marble, next generation. astronauts say going into space say seeing the real shot is unparalleled. i'll be talking to the crew on the international space station. joins us live for the inner ste stellar interview. soon allow passengers to keep their shoes on at checkpoints. they plan to buy 100 shoe
3:32 pm
scanning devices next year. amen. in new jersey, a snowy goddess of love, the frosty sculpture had to be covered up after neighbors complained. the woman who made the sculpture complied but says she thinks it looks more sexualize in the bikini and towel than au natural. why did the dog cross the road? in this case we don't know, but we know it's safe thanks to a trooper. the dog named angus had been missing a month when it turned up in king of prussia. the owners are beyond thrilled to have angus home. finally, an unusual underwater rescue off the coast of palm beach, florida. a pair of divers saved a shoork from certain death. you may notice -- look at that thing. they notice the shark had a
3:33 pm
frisbee like ring around his neck which prevented him from eating. the divers were able to get i off without getting attacked. not to downgrade this but it's a nerve shark, not a great white as the one in "jaws." they are as docile. that brings us down to the wire. yes. bravo, houston. now to chile where a pair of strong aftershocks struck just offshore off the coast today resulting in panic in concepcion. they hit six seconds apart and measured 5.9 and 6.0. emergency officials said there was no risk in a tsunami hit the area. according to news reports scared residents fled to higher ground. aftershocks come as relief workers and troops distribute food, water and medical supplies. many are angry over a response the chilean government admits was too slow.
3:34 pm
the death toll has now reached 800. jose joins us live from chile. did you hear the after shock in santiago and did you feel aftershocks? >> we're actually in constitucion. we certainly felt something. i've got to tell you what happened a couple hundred miles from here. that message of a tsunami warning, which apparently now has been not only discontinued but they have said it's a false alarm caused such panic here. i've covered the mexican earthquake of '85, salvadorian of '86, i have never seen collective panic like i saw a couple of hours ago right here. mothers clutching their little babies screaming, we're going to die, we're going to die. we have to run towards the mountains and the hills. people were just in this incredible frenzy of fear.
3:35 pm
you know what? it's logical. saturday at 3:30 in the morning local time about 50 yards behind me three tidal waves came in and swept up discotheques, restaurants and nightclubs and took them out to sea. i just talked to a guy, a gentleman, a couple hours ago who was in his restaurant at 3:00 in the morning. he was cleaning up. all of a sudden his windows blew up, the door blew open. the tidal wave comes in. he grabs onto one of the columns in his restaurant, david. all of a sudden he shot up to the roof, ceiling of his restaurant. no air pocket. he's just holding on for dear life. the wave goes down, he goes toward the second story, the staircase. the waves and the wind shot him up, blew the roof off the second floor of his restaurant and he shot out. this is what people have been living here. so when they hear tsunami warning, you can be sure they are running for the hills. some of them haven't come down
3:36 pm
yet. >> jose diaz, thank you so much for the report. we appreciate it. be sure to catch jose's nightly spanish newscast reporting from chile tonight at 6:30 p.m. eastern time on telemundo. time for today's shuster showdown. not bad. our collision, the race with 2012 republican presidential nomination, sarah palin and mitt romney and on late night talk shows last night with palin poking fun at herself with jay leno. >> hey, jay, we're going old school tonight. >> on david letterman, mitt romney was asked about sarah palin. >> what about that sarah palin? she's not ready to be president, is she? >> she's terrific. she really is. she's terrific.
3:37 pm
she's got energy, passion. by the way, be careful about her, by the way. >> i've had my -- >> she has a rifle, you know. >> so who is better for gop, sarah palin or mitt romney? they are both pretty fun. martha and armstrong williams, both conservative radio talk show hosts. armstrong, start with you. who should be the nominee in 2012? are you noticing differences already? >> obviously both were governors governor palin resigned her seat. obviously she has a huge following in this country people feel she's on a learning curve but improving by the mom. obviously many people try to dismiss her because she's light on substance, but i think she's making progress. i don't know if she will be the nominee or not. but there's many people in the country that feel connected to
3:38 pm
her. they like her earthyness, her values, her sincerity, the fact she cared for her son when she could have aborted the child. she knew the child had down syndrome. a lot of things about sarah palin people like. she only gets better as time the political season moves on. >> martha, as armstrong says, everybody agrees there's more substance with mitt romney at a time when there's a battle for ideas, isn't it incumbent the republicans go in that direction? >> right now the goal of both mitt romney and sarah palin is to get republicans elected in 2010. that's why you see him not take a shot at her last night. she's had a great shot at helping get people elected. we need somebody who has an economic background. there's a lot of people who wish mitt romney had won the primary in 2008, because i think we'd be in a very different place. we need somebody at the top of this government that has met a
3:39 pm
payroll and understands how to do things. right now we have a bunch of academics running our economic policy and it's not running. i go for mitt romney but 2010 is between 2012 so we have a lot of way to go. >> making laughs at his own expense when he explained to letterman what happened on that incident in an airplane when he got into it with another passenger. watch. >> the fellow in the seat in front of my wife put his seat back during takeoff procedure as we've heard 10,000 times put your seat and tray table in the locked position. i tapped him on the shoulder and reminded him of that direction. he became somewhat agitated. they removed him from the airplane. he didn't like that, by the way and gave me a good swat and he broke my hair. >> armstrong, is that the prerequisite, you have to be able to tell self-efacing jokes these days? >> former governor mitt romney
3:40 pm
has been very robotic. he hasn't had the most charming and charismatic personality. he's learning how to loosen himself up. former governor palin is so charismatic. she has such personality. she connects with people. people enjoy her. even when she puts her foot in her mouth they find a way to embrace her. >> most republicans don't agree she's qualified to be president. martha, i'll give you the last word. >> don't you think they will be working together between now and 2010. we do need that economic background. who knows, maybe a palin-romney ticket. >> i don't think so but we'll see. thank you both for coming on. we appreciate it. early in this hour, we talked about the controversy surrounding the best picture nominee, "the hurt locker." our top three, the biggest controversies in oscar history. our number three happened 11 years ago in 1999, screen
3:41 pm
writers blacklisted during hollywood's red scare protested outside the oscars and plans to give an oscar to the legendary director who named names during that period. he was presented with his oscar, martin scorsese and dinero, nick nolte and ed harris refused to stand or applaud. second biggest controversy, marlinin brando's refusal. won best actor for "the godfather." but said an actress pretending to be an apache indian to accept the award on brando's behalf. she said he would not accept due to the film industry's alleged poor treatment of indians. number one controversy in history, a rumor that still lingers despite the fact the academy says it's completely untrue. soon after marisa tormay.
3:42 pm
a rumor that jack parlance read the wrong name. the academy denies any mistake. two waterhouse accountant there in case an error was made. according to the academy, the accountants would have corrected any mistake on the spot. it made the biggest oscar controversy in history. just ahead, our next snumt of our week long series, so long capitol hill. a look at our guest when he was first elected to the u.s. house. >> what first struck me, an extraordinarily complex place, much to learn, incredible amount to learn. require a tremendous amount of energy. dedicate the energy to it and the time. >> now almost 18 years later, the congressman joins us to talk about why he's leaving congress.
3:43 pm
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>> i have decided that my senate career will end after this, my fourth term. >> i do not love congress. i will not, therefore, be a candidate for re-election to the united states senate this november. >> welcome back to msnbc news and our special series so long capitol hill. all week we've been speaking with members of congress who decided to kiss washington good-bye and not run for re-election in 2010. yesterday i spoke with dennis moore from kansas. >> ungodly partisanship going on. a handful of unpleasant people on both sides. we should be up here working for our country. i understand there's honest differences between our parties but most of it we should be able to work together on.
3:47 pm
>> joining us republican congressman diaz-balart. why are you leaving? >> i feel it's time. it's been the honor of my life. i've been able to be involved in extraordinarily important issues. i took to the floor extension of voting rights act for 25 years, for passage. authorization for military action in afghanistan against those who attacked the united states on 9/11/2001. central american relief act, helped hundreds of thousands of our central american brothers and sisters. in other words, i've been able to do important things. i never thought i'd be here for life. i leave with a sense of job done with responsibility and of duty fulfilled. what's the one thing you would change if you could? >> i don't believe this theory
3:48 pm
about government being broken. i saw in your intro that's kind of now pretty repeated, that thesis. in another network, a week of it. government being broken. i don't believe it. there's incompetence on the part of the majority. last week we saw -- give you an example of the incompetence. if there's a noncontroversial bill, it's the intelligence authorization bill. in my 18 years here, it's usually passed almost by voice vote with almost no opposition. the democratic majority couldn't pass that last week because somebody from the extreme left had included a wacko measure of a 15-year prison sentence for the intelligence community if they did something that terrorists objected to. so they had to pull the bill. so what's happening now is incompetence and trying to ram through things the american people don't want. it's not that the government is broken, it's that the majority is acting in an incompetent way.
3:49 pm
>> when you started in '92, november, we have pictures of you sitting around with other members discussing reform including line item veto and the balanced the balanced budget. what happened? >> it is never easy. to paraphrase churchill. this is sometimes about as uncomfortable a process, even ugly, but there is no better one than democracy. now, you ask what would i do different. i voted, for example, for term limits here and i wouldn't do that again because, for example, you are seeing i'm leaving of my own free will unopposed. and i think that the people should be able to decide how long their member of congress should serve. that is one thing i would do differently. >> republican congressman
3:50 pm
lincoln diaz-balart regardless of what you choose to do next, good luck to you. >> thanks for covering the news as you do. >> thank you very much. we appreciate it. our series so long, capitol hill continues tomorrow. tomorrow we talk with democratic congressman tanner, a moderate democrat from tennessee. recently there was a remarkable gathering of presidents, sort of. the actors who played each of them in the last 35 years on "saturday night live" got together to tape a video. it shows president obama being visited in a dream by all the former presidents. >> what you are saying is i should clean up this mess you all krcreated, take on the bank and trillions of dollars. how does this help? >> it's a bitch.
3:51 pm
but as george washington said to john adams, tag, you're it. grow some nuts for the gipper. >> nothing wrong with one term, barack. >> don't tell cheney i was here. >> am i dead or alive. >> can i be the ambassador to cancun? i know. but it can't have... can't have about half a day's worth of fiber? i assure you it does. i was expecting... expecting sawdust and cardboard? i know. i can only taste... only taste the crunchy clusters, honey, and brown sugar. no madam, i don't have esp. ok. i'll take a box, but you probably already knew that. (announcer) fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes.
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good afternoon. i'm dylan ratigan. today shakespearian drama in washington. the final act, what brought together some of snl's greatest stars of all time. could it be a policy problem? >> how did the two of you get in here? >> the security code is 1, 2, 3, 4 when i was pres. >> we heard you were tossing and turning over whether to push for federal regulations so we are here to give you some advice. >> we will talk to the man who is suing the president, citing his lack of transparency. the show starts right now. good afternoon to you. in america today the curtain rising on a


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